Be Smart Be Found


Can I edit my website?

Yes of course! Your website will be powered by our content management system, Acorn CMS. You can log in and edit your website whenever you like and make unlimited changes.

How does it work, what happens when I buy a website from you?

We have broken down the simple process we follow into several easy to understand steps that you can see in full here: How It Works

How long does it take to get my website online with Be Smart Be Found?

Once you have provided the content for your website and your domain name has been registered (assuming you don't have one already), we will start  building your website as soon as we can.

Under normal circumstances, we will aim to get your website live & online within 2 to 3 weeks (often quicker) after receiving your content. However, during busier periods, this may extend to a 4 weeks. Either way, we will be in touch with you throughout the process keeping you up to date with progress.

I have a domain name already, can I use it?

If you already have a domain name registered that you would like to use, there are essentially two options:

  1. You can retain control of the domain yourself in your own registrar account & make the changes to the domain set-up that are required to point it to our website hosting.
  2. You can transfer the domain to us & we will take care of the set-up for you (this is the easier option for most clients). If you do transfer the domain to us, we will be happy to transfer it back to you at a later date if you decide to leave (but we'd hate to see you go).

Can I have my own email address @mydomain ?

Yes, this is included with all the websites we build - but you can still use an external service like gmail/Outlook etc if you'd prefer.

If I get stuck or have a problem, where do I get help?

We provide you with access to a support forum and knowledgebase where you can ask questions (directly to us as well as other users) and search for help.

Why do you use a forum for support?

We feel that a forum is the best way for us to offer you quick and easy to access support for a number of reasons:

We believe in helping everyone as much as possible - offering support in a forum rather than a private ticket based system or via email means that all users can potentially benefit from any question you ask. This also means that all questions/topics are searchable, so if you really need an answer fast - you may find that someone has asked the same question before. We also provide a knowledgebase that contains how to's and answers to the most common questions - this again helps you get the assistance you need as fast as possible.

What happens if I don’t need my website anymore?

Firstly - we'd hate to see you go & if there is anything we can do, please let us know.

If you really do wish to cancel your website, that's absolutely fine.
Just get in touch to let us know & we will cancel all future website hosting invoices for you (there is no cancellation fee either).

Your domain name is yours to keep if you still need it - again, let us know & we can transfer it to another registrar account for you.
If you don't need your domain name anymore - we won't renew the registration when it next becomes due.

While you can't take your website with you (the code is ours) - there is a function in the admin area of your website that allows you to export all of the text on your website at any time.

If you have any other questions that you’d like to ask before making a purchase, please get in touch.