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Fixed price websites,
no hidden fees

Small business websites the easy way.

Fixed Price, No Hidden Fees

Providing a quote for a website can be time consuming, both for us & for you as a potential client. We have taken the core functionality that we have used time and time again when building client websites, and have combined it all into a website package that we can offer at a fixed price.

Most small businesses simply need a nicely designed, well built website with basic functionality such as: a few pages (eg, home, about, services offered, contact etc), a contact form, display images or slideshows, show a location on a google map, display FAQs etc whilst being responsive and mobile friendly.

Because we offer this at a fixed price – you know exactly what you will have to pay & when. There are no nasty surprises or hidden fees, we build the website for you and all you have to do is provide the text and images.

All The Features You Need

  • Professional website built by us
  • Domain name & e-mail address included
  • Easy to use website editor
  • Drag and drop content positioning
  • Help and support when you need it
  • Responsive & mobile friendly
  • Stress free process
  • Contact form
  • Google map(s)
  • FAQs
  • Upload images
  • Availability calendar
  • Access to support website
  • No hidden fees

Our Code, Your Website

Off the shelf content management systems (like WordPress), are incredibly flexible, powerful tools that can be used to build virtually any kind of website you can imagine. However, with that flexibility comes complexity.

Because of this additional complexity, many small businesses struggle to update their website due to not having the required knowledge or skillset.

All our client websites are built using our own content management system (CMS) that we have developed specifically for building websites for small businesses. While our CMS provides us with all the tools & flexibility we need to build your website, we have ensured that it is incredibly easy for you to edit your website – it is much, much easier to use than the likes of WordPress.

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