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The process & how it works

We work with you every step of the way.

Getting your website online has never been easier
We follow these simple steps with all our clients

Purchase a fixed price website from us

Visit the pricing page, click buy now & go through the checkout process.

At this stage, you will only be charged for the website build – not the website hosting (we send an invoice for the website hosting once your website is completely finished & online).

Answer a few questions about your business

Once you have placed your order, visit the My Account area.

There you will be asked for a few pieces of basic information to help us learn a little about your business. This literally takes just a minute or two to complete.

We contact you

Once we have your initial information – we will be in touch about the next steps.

Website design references

One of the most important steps to help ensure that you get the website that you want, is for you to provide us with links for 3 to 5 example reference websites.

These don’t necessarily need to be in the same industry as your business, but they should help to communicate the design that you would like. We use these as a starting point, and then develop your website from there.

Domain name

If you don’t already have a domain name registered, we will come up with suggestions (or take your suggestions) & check availability. Once you have agreed the domain name with us, we will register it for you.

Website content

Now it’s your turn: you will need to provide us with all the text and images to use on your website. We will suggest the required website pages with a rough breakdown of what should be covered on each page.

This is often the part of the process that takes the longest – writing quality content for a website takes time and shouldn’t be rushed.

Website build

We will build your custom website in-house & will contact you if we need any more content, have any additional suggestions or questions.

Website Online

Once we are happy with your website, we will put it online so you can review it. We can take your feedback & make amendments at this stage if needed.

We will also create your email address when your website is put online (if required) – don’t worry, we will send instructions on how to set-up your email address on your chosen device.

Last bits

Once you’re happy, we will then set-up your website in Google Search Console & Google Analytics.

Search Console allows Google to discover your website quickly, while Analytics allows us to see how many visitors your website receives etc in the future.

We have found that most clients tend not to look at Analytics data (it is quite geeky) – if you would like to either access Analytics or receive a basic monthly PDF report via email, we can set that up for you as well.

We will now add you as a user to your new website so you can log in and edit your website whenever you like.

Final website hosting invoice

Now that your website is live & online, we will send you the invoice for your website hosting which automatically renews once a year from now on. You can also view your website hosting invoice(s) in the My Account area.

That’s all there is to it…it really is that simple.

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